Who we are

Flyphant is a digital studio, based in Moscow, Russia. Our aim is to provide the most efficient and high-quality solutions. To do this, we do not blindly follow the brief but try to understand the essence of its origin.

Mobile applications and web development, graphic design, motion graphics — this is all that we are not only able of but also love doing.

Studio in numbers

For 2016:

25 projects 6 new clients 135 meetings and calls 3 years of stable growth of annual money turnover 1 new employee 619 cups of coffee


Stages of interface development

The way Flyphant organizes the process of the interface development for a new project or its updating.

Product and concept designers

During the last few years, a fresh name for the designer’s position has consolidated in the industry of screen interfaces, which is not familiar for everyone yet. It is a product designer. I’ve heard many definitions of this position for a long time.

Interface animation for developers

Why it is necessary to animate interface, how it should and should not be made.

How a designer can get found

The tips that will help get to such an employer that needs you, not a closed vacancy.

Design for the future

3 meanings worth keeping in mind.


How to facilitate the website development for you, the developers and those who will take part in the maintenance later.

Outsource: how to work with them

Some tips for those who delegate tasks, work with contractors, freelancers and other outsource.

We were fortunate to work with them

Since 2010 we have been fortunate to work directly or through agencies with the following companies:

Lego Tema Aegis Gold's Gym JagaJam Lyubyatovo HomeCredit ibox Datsun Rutube Uber Wallarm Flocktory Purina Bonduelle Catzwolf Class 365 Flora Express JTI Megafon Nokia GNC Alfa-Capital Alfa-Bank Astellas Continental Diasoft IRR iTooLabs Mail.ru Perviy BIT Rafaello Zecurion EuroChem Mindbox


User experience and user interface design, prototyping, mobile and web development, motion graphics, branding and identity.

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