Who we are

Our aim is to provide the most efficient and high-quality solutions. To do this, we do not blindly follow the brief but try to understand the essence of its origin.

Mobile application development, web development, graphic design, and motion graphics. These are the things we don’t just know doing, but also love doing.

We were fortunate to work with them

Since 2010, we have been fortunate to work directly or through agencies with the following companies:

Lego Tema Aegis Gold's Gym JagaJam Lyubyatovo HomeCredit ibox Datsun Rutube Uber Wallarm Flocktory Purina Bonduelle Catzwolf Class 365 Flora Express JTI Megafon Nokia GNC Alfa-Capital Alfa-Bank Astellas Continental Diasoft IRR iTooLabs Mail.ru Perviy BIT Rafaello Zecurion EuroChem Mindbox


User experience and user interface design, prototyping, mobile and web development, motion graphics, branding and identity.

Also, we are good at support and development of already launched web services:

More about support

Who don’t we work with

Religious, political, and government organizations, manufacturers of alcohol and tobacco products. We tried to work with them, but their activities contradict our inner convictions.

Good deeds

Sasha Tikhonov, co-founder and art director at Flyphant:

“Not so long ago, our studio had the opportunity to spend part of its income on charity. There are many people in need of help. And it turned out to be difficult to choose the correct and the most effective way of assistance.

For me, as for a parent, it is much worse not to know where my child is than to know that he/she is beside me and sick. Not knowing where your loved one is a terrible feeling.

So we started helping the search party Lisa Alert. We hope that our gifts will not only help to find the missing ones, but also becalm the loved ones who are searching for their relatives.”

Liza Alert logo

It is easy to follow us

New projects and some details of our lives are also available on the following websites:

behance.net/flyphant dribbble.com/flyphant vimeo.com/flyphant pinterest.com/flyphant instagram.com/flyphant