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Starting from 2019

Design, front-end development and support.

Ruptly is a video news agency specializing in video-on-demand and based in Berlin, Germany.

Problems and goals

At the time of contact, the site had problems with finding footages (the lonely search field did not satisfy user's requests) and it was not adapted for working on mobile devices.

Our task was to design an interface that would make the search for required materials more flexible and would make it possible to do it both on a stationary computer and mobile devices. It was also necessary to rework the scenario of purchasing material or a subscription, to rework the process of purchasing and setting up relaying.


The client told us about the pains of the interface, about the goals of visitors, business tasks and development plans. This was a good point to start designing the interface.

Structure and wireframes

At some point, the wireframes design part was enough to start the look and feel the concept.

Development of the look and feel concept

Main and other pages

The main page contains the most popular news and news topics, videos-on-demand and announcements of live broadcasts.

Ruptly website: main page

The main page is the starting point both for news topics and different types of content, as well as in different Ruptly services and a personal account website part, where all purchased content is managed.

Main pages of Ruptly website

Mobile devices make up half of Ruptly's website visitors. We have made an adaptive interface, which is not inferior in functionality to the desktop version both on tablets and on smartphones.

Website on smartphone

Part of the work on the new website included preparing the interface for translation into Arabic. It is noteworthy that on sites with writing from right to left, the browser’s scrollbar is on the left. This was the first site in Flyphant where we got experience of working with the Arabic writing.

Website in arabic

More than 500 pages were designed and developed, including news search, broadcast setup, purchase process and much more. The mock-ups were made not only for desktop screens, but also for mobile devices: tablets and smartphones.


Ruptly logo

The site is filled with the efforts of the client.

German Stevie Awards 2019 Gold Winner

On 7 March 2019, Ruptly received the Gold Award at the German Stevie Awards in the business field. The Ruptly Live live streaming service, which interface we ran, won in the category Video Platform for Media and Publishers.

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