Completed in 2014

User interface design for iOS and Android mobile applications of one of the most popular Russian advertising services.

The application name has been changed due to the contract terms.


To develop a new interface of mobile applications for Android and iOS.

We studied the current application and developed the basic structure of the new app using the obtained data. After that we started the detailed design of each screen.

After workup of each screen, we switched to the mockups: first for Android, then for iOS.

First launch

When the app is launched for the first time, it lets you choose the region, for which the ads will be shown.


After selecting the region the user immediately gets to the ads categories screen.


Search is available on every screen by simple gesture of pulling down. For more accurate results it is always possible to specify the search details.

Authorization, adding and many more

We also developed all other necessary screens of the application.

After mockups we prepared interface animation, application map and handed over all the materials to the developer.

The application is available for download at App Store and Google Play.

Life Design
Life Design

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