Lego Star Wars

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Completed in 2016

Landing page for Lego.


To tell about the new Lego series timed to coincide with the release of the new Star Wars episode Rogue One.

We received the request with this task from SLAVA advertising agency.


Initially this series contained 8 products: Krennic's Imperial Shuttle, TIE Striker, Rebel U-Wing Fighter, K-2SO Droid with a sense of humor, Imperial Death Trooper, Sergeant Jyn Erso, Imperial Assault Hovertank and the All Terrain Scout Transport AT-ST Walker.

User Interface

The page is based on the designs of the boxes containing Lego pieces, each one on the battlefield.

Details Lego Star Wars

Lego kits

Clicking on the red dot over every character or machine opens additional information, a brief description and a link to buy the product.

Lego kits

For smartphones

The smartphone version is stripped down so that it loads faster and lets visitors focus on the main attraction, the Lego kit.

K2SO Figures For smartphones

Available at

Made for Slava advertising agency.

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