Completed in 2016

Design, front- and back-end development of the website.


Develop a website that allows drivers to make an appointment for a job interview.

More about the task

We not only had to develop the interface for making appointments but also arrange the database records so that it was available for other services of the company.

User Interface

The design of the website is carried out according to the guidelines of the company. The front page presents the advantages of working with Uber and suggests that the driver make an appointment for a job interview.

Главная страница

Making an appointment

Next the driver is offered to choose a day and time that suit him.

Запись на собеседование

Mobile devices

The majority of the site’s visitors use mobile devices to access it, that is why it is as easy to make an appointment for a job interview on the mobile version as on the desktop version.


Front- and back-end development

We did the front-end development of a responsive user so that drivers can use this service no matter which device they are using.

Meanwhile the back-end development was already finished, we just had to intergrate the interface with it.

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