Website Builder Point

Completed in 2016

Design, front- and back-end development of the website of Website Builder Point.


To create a website design with reviews of web-service providers, front- and back-end development of the website.

User Experience

Based on the design assignment of our client, we developed detailed wireframes for all the necessary pages of the website.


User Interface

The design of the public website was ready by the time we started working on the Analytics' interface. We had to ensure consistency in UI and make it more practical.

Main page

The main page briefly presents the website, what it is and for whom it is intended.

Main page


Service reviews are grouped into three main categories: hosting, website development and online stores. Every service can be reviewed in all three of them at once.



Besides the rating of the services and reviews, there is a blog covering relevant topics.


Send a review

Any user of the website is free to submit a review about any service that fits the website’s interests.

Send a review

Front- and back-end development

We did the front- and back-end development of a responsive user interface. The client received a package with files, hosting requirements, recources requirements and instructions on how to install it on their servers.

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