Virtual PBX App

Since 2018

User interface of MegaFon's Virtual PBX mobile application.

Bring the Virtual PBX personal account from the web to mobile applications for iOS and Android smartphones.

In the beginning

The application is part of one product. Users who are already familiar with the work of Virtual PBX will quickly orient themselves in the demonstrated interface by onboarding screens.

Onboarding screens

Right after the launch

Users of the mobile application receive a brief summary of the day and quickly understand how good or bad things are: whether there are a lot of missed calls, whether there are more incoming calls than outgoing calls.

Summary for the day

Call history with the possibility of filtering and details of each call, up to listening to the recording.

Call history

Statistics for a week, month, year and any other period allows you to analyze the dynamics: whether it has become better or worse.


Since any smartphone is equipped with a microphone, you can record the voice greeting yourself.

Numbers settings and a greeting recording


Screen transition has never been something separate from the interface, it has always been a part of it. All possible transitions between screens and screen states have been designed and demonstrated.

And the same and much more for Android.

User interface for Android

To use the app, you have to become a MegaFon Business customer.

Made for ITooLabs.


Art Director: Sasha Tikhonov.

Lead Designer: Olya Chudinova.

Designers: Olya Kholod, Nikita Sidorov.

Managers: Aida Gotovtseva, Yana Kruglova.

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