Completed in 2021

Mobile application interface for iOS iPhone, iPad and Android.


Design an application interface for mobile platforms so that the service is always at hand.

Skybonds is a project designed to help you make decisions on securities (bonds, options, CDS and other investment instruments). The interface also provides analysis of one or more portfolios.

Web-interface allows you to compare securities on many parameters not only at the moment, but also over time. We faced the task of transferring such a complex functionality to a small screen of a smartphone and tablet.

What we got

Search for securities with flexible filtering. Summary information about the found.

Search screens: start screen, something found and filters

The found investment instruments can be compared with each other in charts and tables. Bonds can also be compared with federal bonds.

A photo of the screen with the trend of the data over time

All necessary information, including current investments in it, are located on a separate screen.

Screens with information about the bond

It seems that bigger screens are more suitable for working with large amounts of data. This is how the iPad version came about.

Photo of the screen with the graph on the iPad

The functionality of the iPad app is as good as the iPhone version, if not better. It is more convenient to work with tables on large screens.

iPad screens: report and table

And it's the same for Android.

Android screens

To use the app, you need to be an employee of the bank.


Art Director: Sasha Tikhonov.

Designer: Lena Malova.

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