Mother’s school

Completed in 2014

Introductory video for Mother’s School mobile app.


To tell about the possibilities of the mobile app in the video.

The work started with writing the script: what the narrator says, what is happening in the screen.


After the script had been written, the detailed drawing of the key scenes started: from the general shot of the video to its colour scheme.

Simple and bright. Just the right thing!

Key scenes

The key scenes were prepared with accordance to the approved storyboard, and animation to these scenes was created.

Voice work

Alongside with the work on storyboard and key scenes, the voice work with the narrator was conducted. And then the music was chosen to accompany the voice.


The most interesting stage. The script, the key scenes and the sound are ready. Time for After Effects. It looks like this:


The video in all necessary formats was created.

Made for AdWatch Isobar.

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Payment of invoices through Alfa-Bank
Payment of invoices through Alfa-Bank
Mother’s school
Mother’s school