Completed in 2013

Introductory video for O!pp mobile app from Alfa-Bank.


To develop a video presentation for Alfa-Bank's mobile application.


We wrote the script: described the actions for every scene, created the text accompanying these actions and outlined recommendations regarding the narrator's voice.

The script was accompanied by video-examples which it was suggested to rely on. Recommendations on which icons should be used and which of them shouldn't be used were also provided.

Key scenes

The mock-ups of key scenes were developed based on the approved script.

Alongside with the key scene mock-ups development, the voice work was carried out.

Finished video

The created video was published on the mobile app page and in Google Play.

Created for digital communications agency AdWatch Isobar.

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Payment of invoices through Alfa-Bank
Payment of invoices through Alfa-Bank
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Mother’s school

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